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Must have come down to the last game. So close though, Thurmaston top purely on more draws by the look of it. The Fountain is the only city centre pub with a table to my knowledge, though you'd probably have to take your own skittles and have a taste for Guinness.

Mark Thank you for this in depth blog post. I have built three different skittle tables for myself and friends. Here in the US its hard to come by any info on English pub games so most of what I've made is based on guess work.

Of all the games the Cambridge skittles table gets the most action. Please keep up the good work. You loyal reader. Thanks for that Allen, just sorry it took so long.

Post a comment. A Leicester Skittles Table. Whilst many of these tables are still common enough and regularly come up for sale locally or online, good examples are not cheap to buy, and in some cases the enquiry has come from overseas where building your own table is the only realistic option. I've answered these queries personally in the past, but I thought it was high time I created a more permanent and accessible record, starting with my own example of a Leicester Skittles Table.

A timely post as this particular table is off to a new home soon, and of course Leicester pubs and clubs remain closed for the foreseeable future so accessing a table is difficult right now.

Table / Bar Skittles

Syston Social Club. In fact the Leicester game is regarded as something of an oddity by the few Northants skittles players I've spoken to who've actually heard of it! Sadly it's also a game that's been in steady decline for many years, such that it's now something of a rarity in its home town.

CAMRA Pub Games - Long Alley Skittles

Quite why a local Leicester version of the game exists on the very edge of the much wider Northamptonshire Table Skittles tradition is not at all clear. My own theory is that whilst the game almost certainly developed as an offshoot of Northants Skittles there are too many similarities for it to have emerged independentlyit rapidly evolved to emulate Leicestershire's other important local pub game, Long Alley Skittles.

Long Alley Skittles. The Black DogOadby It's been suggested that Northamptonshire skittles may have developed as a smaller indoor version of Old English Skittlesa virtually extinct game that was once common throughout much of South and Eastern England.

Certainly it shares some similarities in both play and appearance with the much larger alley game though only the Cambridge version of Table Skittles is actually played to the same rules now.

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Similarly the Leicester game may well have developed as an indoor bar room version of Leicestershire's other unique traditional pub game, Long Alley Skittlesboth of which are played in the same area of the county and nowhere else. The Leicestershire version of Long Alley Skittles is a very noisy game, hence Skittle Alleys are usually located in a separate outbuilding to the main pub.

These would have been sparsely heated at best, perhaps even open to the elements as many still are in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire area where a similar skittling tradition exists, such that many leagues are active only in the Summer months. It's therefore only natural that players would want to keep their skittling hand in during the colder Winter months with an indoor game that requires similar skills.

This is in stark contrast to the fatter, stubby Boxwood pins of the Northants game which more closely resemble the huge Hornbeam pins of Old English Skittles, neither of which game features a king pin incidentally. This wood has also traditionally been used for the barrel-shaped cheeses of the Leicestershire Long Alley game. In fact it's quite possible that a set of three cheeses for Leicester Table Skittles could have been turned-down on a lathe from a single Long Alley cheese, recycling the expensive and now rare wood when no longer up to League standard.

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Another feature of the Leicester game which bears some similarity to Long Alley is the ' Motte ', or throwing point. The 'Motte'. The TudorLeicester closed The throwing point in the Northants game is usually defined by a simple line or removable baton of wood, positioned on the floor at the appropriate throwing distance for the game. The actual throwing position along that line is only limited by obstacles such as the walls, the bar servery, or immovable furniture such as bench seating.

This is important as in the Northants game it's sometimes desirable to bounce a cheese off the padded sides of the table in order to knock down an awkward broken frame of skittles, a tactic that may require a throw from an acute angle. In Leicester Table Skittles however, no bouncing off the side walls is allowed and the throwing position is therefore more strictly defined, as indeed it is in Long Alley Skittles.

In Long Alley, one foot must remain in what's known as the ' Chock Hole ' until the cheese is released from the players hand.Email Us. Being a traditional pub game without any national governing body, variations of equipment and rules abound. Where there is doubt, locally played rules should always apply. Bar Skittles Spares. Description Nine small skittles are positioned in a square on a raised base, nine inches square. Dimensions of the table are about two feet by two feet six inches.

The height of the side walls should be about three inches high. In the middle of the left hand side of the base as the player looks at it stands a pole about three feet high connected to which is a swivelled chain with a a wooden ball at the other end suspended at same height as the skittles. The pins and ball would normally be made of boxwood or other English hardwood.

The ball is swung clockwise around behind the pole, the objective being to knock over the skittles as it returns to the player. So in order to knock over all nine skittles, a player must hit the skittle furthest away first. A scoreboard is sometimes integrated into the front of the board and can appear in several styles. Quite often, a cribbage board is used. Play Since the game is a miniaturised version of Skittles, the game is played in the same way.

A coin should be tossed to see who takes the first turn. The skittles are only reset at the beginning of a turn or when all nine have been knocked over. Three throws per turn are allowed so that the maximum score in one go is twenty-seven. The ball must be start its revolution around the outside of the board so that it hits the skittles upon its return towards the player.

The ball is permitted to go around the pole only once for each throw - the player should catch it as it returns so as to prevent it going round a second time. Usually, the objective is to be the first player to reach a score of one hundred and one although, if a cribbage board is being used to score, the game would be played to Sixty one. If you bust return to 92 or Alternative Scoring For a competitive alternative scoring system try the agree a number of legs and utilise the "on and off" system of scoring that is often used in Northamptonshire Skittles.

This is one of those concepts that sounds much more complicated than it really is. To begin with each player starts each leg with five "lives". Each player takes a turn and the player who scores the lowest loses a life. So far so good, but if the score is equal then the next turn is worth two lives instead of one. The first life is decided by the first throw of the next turn and the second life is decided by the sum of all three throws. In this situation the score is quoted as a double number e.

If either of these two "lives" are drawn, then the next turn is also worth two lives decided in the same way and so on.

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In the rare example where a two-life turn produces two draws, house rules apply but it is suggested that the next turn simply carries on in the standard two-life fashion. In the even rarer situation where both players have 1 life left and the next turn is worth 2 lives, both lives must be played out before adjusting the score.

If it's a life apiece, then play continues to decide the winner.

skittles game pub

These rules are provided by Masters Traditional Games, an Internet shop selling quality traditional games, pub games and unusual games. For general information or for copying and copyright, see our Rules Information page. Our rules are comprehensive instructions for friendly play. If in doubt, always abide by locally-played or house rules.

Games Bulletin.Skittles is a historical lawn game and target sport of European origin, from which the modern sport of bowling is descended.

In regions of the United Kingdom and Ireland the game remains as a popular indoor pub game. A continental version is popular in GermanyAustria and Switzerland. Other varieties of bowling are more popular in Australiabut the similar game of kegelbased on German nine-pin bowlingis popular in some areas.

In Cataloniabitllesa local version of this game, was formerly popular. The game shares its ancestry with the outdoor lawn game known as bowls and is thus distantly related to billiard sportssome of which also retain the use of skittles. The skittle dates to the earliest known forms of bowling and ground billiardseven as far back as c. Skittles is usually played indoors on a bowling alleywith one or more heavy ballsusually spherical but sometimes oblateand several most commonly nine skittlesor small bowling pins.

The general object of the game is to use the ball s to knock over the skittles, either specific ones or all of them, depending upon game variant.

Exact rules vary widely on a regional basis. Also known as Old English Skittlesthe Greater London version uses nine pins made of wood and a thick circular disc known as a cheese. The cheese is thrown at the pins using a swinging motion whilst stepping forwards.

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After an initial throw, the remaining pins the 'broken frame' may end up in a variety of formations - each of which has a distinctive and usually London-based name, such as a London Bridge or a Portsmouth Road.

Knocking down all the pins at once is known as a 'floorer' and is highly respected. The last time a player is known to have thrown three floorers in succession was in While it was once a popular game played in pubs all over London generally sited by the Thames riverit is now only played at the Freemasons Arms in Hampstead.

Rules of Table Skittles / Bar Skittles

In the Sarnia Skittles League of Guernsey[2] the teams are made up of six players playing five legs of three balls. Currently there are 25 teams playing across three leagues and each Team plays the others three times during the season. The season runs from September to April. In the Tewkesbury and District Skittles League, [3] teams consist of 10 players playing 9 hands each. The league runs from early September through to the following April.

The league was formed in September Each game has 10 points available with two points available for the first, second and third leg with another four for the match result. The highest ever individual score is 99 scored by Dougy for the DM4s team at the Spartans caldron 17th April In the Stroud and District Skittle League, [4] teams are made up of 10 players Men's Sections each having eight hands of three balls.

In the Ladies Sections each team consists of eight players each having 10 hands of three balls. Games are played in two equal halves. The league runs from early September through to the following May. In the Cheltenham Skittles League, [5] skittles is played with either a team of 12 winter skittles or six summer skittles.

Each player plays six hands of three balls. However, in Gloucester, the players play 10 hands of three balls, and a team is made up of 10 players. The Berkeley and District Skittles League [6] was formed in and has in excess of teams playing in seven divisions in a geographical area of around eight miles in diameter in the southern end of the county. Teams are made up of eight players and each player bowls eight hands of three balls.

Alleys, on which games are played, are between 30 and 55 feet in length and are generally of a wooden construction, although one alley is linoleum over a concrete base. The League runs from September through to the following April. In the Winter league each player plays four hands of three balls, and in the Summer League they play six hands of three balls.

The winter league comprises 70 teams competing in five divisions, five cups competitions KO, Front Pin, Man v Man, Champion of Champions, and Charity eight-a-side and also singles and pairs competitions. In the Devizes Skittles League, [9] 9-pin skittles is played with a team of 9 players.There is no mystery about the origin of the various games of table-top skittles shown on this page - they are miniaturised forms of the larger pub game of Alley Skittles or Nine Pins.

For more information on the these origins including the history of Skittles and where to buy and play Alley Skittles, please see the Skittles page. Alley skittles itself splintered into a number of regional variations and, since a skittles alley takes up a large amount of valuable floor space in a pub, in some areas varieties that did not require alleys at all appeared.

Most of these amounted to table-top, miniaturised versions of the alley game and several games of this type are still well-known and popular today. This distinctive game appeared in the s and was cleverly miniaturised so that no throwing strip was required at all - the nine pins standing on a square table were knocked down by a ball which was swung around a pole, instead.

Insome theatre-goers and tailors rioted at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket over a play that the tailors thought insulting. The Dragoons were called in to stop the riot which they did in such an enthusiastic way that their method was compared to the wooden ball ploughing through Table skittles by the local press.

After this incident Bar Skittles was often referred to as 'Devil amongst the Tailors'. Author's collection.

skittles game pub

Hood Skittles is a miniaturised version of Old English Skittles please see the Alley Skittles page for more information on this venerable game in which cheeses are thrown at pins on a table about 8 feet away. It is extremely popular Northamptonshire and well known in Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and surrounding counties. Confusingly, in the East Midlands, the came is always referred to as Table Skittles while outside this area, it is not well known and Table Skittles tends to mean the smaller game described in the previous section.

The surrounding leather bound and cushioned sides of the table offer the option to bounce the cheese off them before hitting the pins thus obtaining angles not possible in other games while the hood prevents wayward cheeses and pins flying off into other parts of the pub. Most people who've played, consider Hood Skittles to be one of the most enjoyable English pub games around so it would be well worth popping into a pub featuring the game if you ever have the chance To the left is a modern Hood Skittles table made by a traditional games maker from Leicestershire.

Below right are the tall pointy skittles and Lignum Vitae cheeses of Leicester Skittles with the kingpin clearly shown. There are two varieties of the game.

skittles game pub

The more well-known Northants Skittles features stubby bomb shaped skittles while Leicester Skittles has taller pointy topped skittles with a kingpin. There are other minor differences in the size of pin position and cheese but ostensibly the games are pretty similar. He kindly sent in the picture of their fine table to the left and said "Here it is in all its' glory, after polishing and ready for a league night.

It was certainly there 20 years ago when I first moved into Corby, and no doubt it was there well before then. It's been cared for apart from the legs, don't know what happened to them and lovingly polished since then, and is still in daily use by customers of the pub, and by league players at least four nights each week". Daddlums is a Hood Skittles variant in which the cheese is normally thrown so that it lands near the front of the table and then slides forward until it strikes the skittles.

The table is smaller than that of Hood Skittles, from which it is presumably derived and it is only known to be played in one pub in Kent. The author initially heard about this game from Americans who wrote to say they were trying to find a supplier of the game. It has been handed down the generations in North America for more than a century. The game consists of a several small rooms laid out on a board - designs vary somewhat. Skittles are positioned amongst the rooms and a top is then sent spinning from one end of the table in an effort to topple as many of the skittles as possible.

Each skittle scores or sometimes deducts differing numbers of points and success is largely a matter of luck.Email Us. Also known as Indoor Skittles or Bar Skittles, this is one of the most popular indoor pub games. Just like full alley skittles, each player has three attempts to knock down the skittles but in this space-saving version, the ball is swung around a pole toppling the skittles upon its return.

A game of great skill for serious pub competition or just good old fashioned fun for children and adults. Bar Skittles normally come in 2 sizes: 2 x 1 feet for familiy fun and domestic use and the 3 x 2 feet full-size game for pubs, clubs and those who want to take the game seriously. A well-finished 2 foot table from an English craftsman with hand-turned Oak skittles. High quality beech Table Skittles from the leading name in pub games.

Bar skittles hand-made in England for pubs and competitions as well as casual use at home. Bar Skittles Spares. Skittles or Nine Pins as played on an alley is still one of the most popular pub games and is the ancestor of a number of games including ten-pin bowling. However, it does take up a lot of space and so it's no surprise that miniaturised versions of the pastime eventually started to appear. Just like alley skittles itself, different miniaturised versions of the game are particular to certain regions of Britain - Hood skittles is popular in and around Northamptonshire whereas Daddlums has only ever been found in Kent.

But the most popular and well known table-top version of Skittles pictured above, was invented sometime in the 18th century. The latter name came about in the year during which the Theatre Royal, Haymarket ran a play that, for some reason, offended the tailoring profession so much that a group of tailors and theatre-goers rioted at the theatre one day.

This upset caused the Dragoons to be summoned to restore public order and, upon arrival, the Dragoons were reported to have ploughed through the rioting tailors like a wooden ball through table skittles. And the game has been known as "Devil amongst the Tailors" ever since. To prepare each nine miniature pins are positioned on a small platform within the square game board.

In the corner of the board, stands a pole with a ball suspended by a chain from its top. The ball is swung around the pole in such a way that upon its return, it ploughs through nine skittles on a platform.

Aside from the equipment and the location on a table top, the rules are pretty much the same as skittles with the maximum theoretical score in one turn being 27 points. As with several pub games, scoring is often performed on a cribbage board. Games Bulletin. Pub Skittles. Skittle Games. Games for Street Parties. Games Room. Table-top Games. FAQ - Our best quality games. Games for 1 player. Pub Games. Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower.

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Table Skittles - History and Useful Information

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