Dehler 31 review

An award-winning offshore blaster, the Dehler 30 is many things to many sailors. But can a short-handed one-design racer-cruiser really tick so many boxes? Yet, unlike the moment when we realised that planing sportsboats were a lot more fun than the tubby lead mines of the day that rolled downwind like metronomes, or the sudden realisation that gybing an asymmetric spinnaker was no harder than tacking a jib, the growth in short-handed offshore sailing has been more gradual.

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And it is also building from another corner of the sport as the momentum for the new Olympic offshore class in gathers pace. As the plans for Paris are now starting to take shape, where mixed gender entries will be a requirement, there is also a feeling that there will be opportunities for a wider range of age, experience and crew weights.

This has triggered a fair bit of interest among a broader group of sailors than normal. Photo: Hanse Yachts AG. Of course some, like Beneteau, have been in this space for a while with their Figaro range of offshore racers.

Jeanneau has also been successful most recently with its SunFast and models, with the new Sun Fast starting to make an impression as well. And now one of the latest to step into the ring is Dehler. Well known for its innovative approach to design along with a racing heritage that stretches back to the s when boats like the DB1 put it on the map, the German production builder has launched a 30ft offshore pocket rocket that appears to be aimed straight at the short-handed world.

It is a boat that ignores handicap rules like IRC and focuses instead on creating a strict, high performance, offshore one-design. Look at the pictures and study the detailed deck layout and spec and it is easy to see that this is a well thought out, comprehensively equipped racer. So can it really be both? When viewed from dead ahead the rounded, full-sectioned bow and a hard turn of the bilge from slab sided topsides to flat underwater sections are further indications of the modern offshore style.

So too does the carbon mast, the square-topped mainsail and the twin backstays, with tails led forward through rope clutches to the primary winches mounted conveniently for the helmsman and crew. The coarse and fine tune mainsheet systems, along with a mainsheet traveller that runs almost the complete width of the ample beam are also dead giveaways that this boat is set up to race. The number of control lines led aft onto the coachroof top or into the cockpit make intentions clear too.

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And it is impossible not to notice the adjustable stainless steel bar foot braces and a well-thought-out side deck without imagining yourself locked in position for a long stint at the helm during a lively downhill sleigh ride. It even has outrigger struts to open the sheeting angle on the Code 0, just like the Volvo 65s.

In plan, the delta shape sees the maximum beam carried all the way aft to the stern from midships providing the means to generate a high righting moment. The full sections forward where the volume is low down are indications that the distribution of buoyancy is in keeping with modern thinking and contributes to the righting moment using the hull form without creating unnecessary drag through excessive wetted surface area.

dehler 31 review

As it happens, the sporty looks are also in line with the modern cruising style.Theo Stocker sails a Dehler 31 from the Blackwater to the Colne and enjoys a fast sail in unseasonably fine weather. Like all Dehlers, the deck and hull are fully bonded, making for a strong hull that is still light enough to be a performance cruiser.

Her tapered keel and deep elliptical rudder, an update to the later 31s, keeps ballast weight low and improves grip in the water when heeled and her hull slips nicely through the water. With a good ballast ratio, she is a stiff boat and can be pushed for an extra knot without becoming unmanageable. On the short test sail in flat water she was responsive and exact on the helm, although the tiller felt slightly heavy, possibly attributable to the rig being set too far forwards.

There is plenty of space to work the sheets and halyards.

Dehler Yachts

The moulded cockpit coamings make for a very comfortable seat on the windward side. Dehler fitted good quality deck gear when she was new and she still feels like a quality boat. Given that she is a family cruising boat, she is fast for her size. Despite being over 20 years old, the test boat was showing very few signs of ageing.

The engine was immaculate, with not a drop of oil out of place, let alone corrosion. The plastic moulded headlining, though lacking a little in refinement, was free from sagging or stains. The wooden floorboards, usually hidden under a Dehler fitted carpet, gleamed as brightly as the day they were first varnished. The shallow bilges were bone dry and no Dehler has ever had an issue with osmosis, thanks to top-quality resins.

The test boat was sailed on fresh water lakes when first launched, but she has been used extensively on the sea in recent years and seems to be relishing it. The heads have a sliding door which overlaps with the chart table at the aft end of the starboard saloon berth.

There is plenty of headroom in the saloon, but the coachroof tapers quickly in the forecabin, and the cockpit moulding takes up a chunk of the standing space in the aft cabin. The bunks themselves are large and comfortable.

dehler 31 review

Thoughtful placement of the water tank forwards and the fuel tank aft leave the space under all the bunks free for storage, with shelf storage in both cabins and lockers outboard of the saloon berths.

Would she suit you and your crew? Most Dehler 31s will be at least 20 years old by now, but the quality of construction means that they will hide their age well. For sailors from a dinghy background, or for cruisers who like getting stuck into the sailing, this boat has a lot to offer.

While the smaller cabins might put some off, the prospect of fast passage making potential will appeal to others. She offers comfortable living on board for a week or two's family holiday and she has the range and seaworthiness for trips abroad. Product Overview. Product: Dehler 31 — Yachting Monthly review. Details LWL: 7. Draught: 1. Displacement: kg lb.Seen a boat that piques your interest but can't make a visit in person?

One of our brokers will be your eyes and ears as they take you on a video tour with their phone. You can also ask them questions about anything that isn't visually obvious. Make the call and be welcomed aboard Successor of the Duetta 94, with new design features like a better ''upside-down'' keel, eliptic rudder and superstructure.

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Improving performance and looks, the Dehler 31 is a success. Second owner since Classic mahogany interior every where with teak and holy floor, frant cabin with double berth and aft cabin with double berth option to sleep on the sofas in the saloon makes a total of 6 sleeps possible, Gas heating needs annual service. Gauges for: Rev, fuel and water. Send a copy to my e-mail. Tell a friend. Your name. Friend's name. Your message. Take time onboard with a live video tour Seen a boat that piques your interest but can't make a visit in person?

Download brochure. Broker's comments Successor of the Duetta 94, with new design features like a better ''upside-down'' keel, eliptic rudder and superstructure.

Accommodation Classic mahogany interior every where with teak and holy floor, frant cabin with double berth and aft cabin with double berth option to sleep on the sofas in the saloon makes a total of 6 sleeps possible, Gas heating needs annual service.

Disclaimer These particulars are given in good faith as supplied but cannot be guaranteed and cannot be used for contracts.Calculations Help. It provides a reasonable comparison between yachts of similar size and type. It is based on the fact that the faster the motion the more upsetting it is to the average person.

Consider, though, that the typical summertime coastal cruiser will rarely encounter the wind and seas that an ocean going yacht will meet. Numbers below 20 indicate a lightweight racing boat; 20 to 30 indicates a coastal cruiser; 30 to 40 indicates a moderate bluewater cruising boat; 40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat. The CSF compares beam with displacement since excess beam contributes to capsize and heavy displacement reduces capsize vulnerability.

The boat is better suited for ocean passages vs coastal cruising if the result of the calculation is 2. The lower the better. Under 2 - Slow, under powered. Sailboat Rigging Diagram.

Dehler 31 – Yachting Monthly review

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Dehler 30 yacht test: This one-design racer has a real double appeal

Please consent to allowing cookies and accept our Terms and Conditions.With the Dehler 30 OD one designDehler is stepping into the future as the brand of Germany's largest production yard. The Dehler name has always stood for pioneering performance cruisers and high-performance regatta boats and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Now it's time for a new dimension. From the very first glance, it becomes clear that the Dehler 30 one design is set on a new, uncompromising course. With just a few clicks you can switch from cruising mode to race mode - out of the comfort zone into the adventure. She offers a maximum of performance with the simplest handling, all with basic liveaboard comfort. A perfectly thought-out package in 30 feet, the boat will set new standards in her class.

Dehler 30 od 'Stealth Drive' retracting concept, operated from cockpit, 3 blade fixed propeller, 12 V - 70 A Alternator - Fuel tank, transparent. User account menu Log in. Dehler 30 OD. Dehler 30 OD for sale. Basic Details Make:. Description With the Dehler 30 OD one designDehler is stepping into the future as the brand of Germany's largest production yard.

Standard Exterior Highlights Whether sailing double handed or with a small crew, the high-performance, offshore one design is optimised for it. With the help of the litre ballast tanks, stability and the best possibe trim is guaranteed. Vacuum-infused using high-quality composites, the boat has extreme structural strength to prove itself on offshore regattas. The removable bowsprit allows easy port manoeuvres and relaxed holidays. An easy-to-trim, deck-stepped carbon mast provides a low centre of gravity and preserves a watertight coachroof.

Outrigger to better control the gennaker and increase speed. Twin rudder for maximum control on all points of sail. Dehler Stealth Drive: a retractable drivetrain, controlled by a lever in the cockpit. Folds away behind a hermetic seal inside the hull when not in use. Antislip cockpit lining with insulating properties helps stop you cooling down on long seated passages. Sliding dodger with 3D window for perfect all-round view from the companionway. Smart storage on the pushpit for security and comms equipment.

Keel fin made of extruded aluminium for high bending strength and low weight. Streamlined kg lead keel bulb guarantees enormous speed potential and a high righting moment. Mainsheet traveller at side deck level in aft cockpit 1 Lewmar sz.

Engine compartment accessible from both aft berths for engine maintenance and checking the seawater intake. Also offers ample storage space for personal items.

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Hull trim made of fashionable, technical mesh fabric, for a cosy but sporty ambiance. Saloon benches made of waterproof moulded wood, which fold up to offer storage space during the race, or make comfortable seats when padded with the mesh lining from the forepeak. Collision bulkhead with watertight inspection hatch for extra safety at sea. For the first time, Dehler uses lithium-ion batteries which offer low weight, rapid charging and positional stability.

Lightweight freshwater tank made of flexible material with a manual foot pump. Versatile galley with ample storage space for food and utensils as well as a highly efficient gas cooker with electric ignition as standard.

Antislip flooring in the saloon. Private toilet cubicle — a hinged fabric screen separates the heads from the saloon.To list all the models, you can use the model base URL. By default, only the 20 most recent models will be returned. You can get your list of models directly in your browser using your own username and API key with the following links.

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You can also paginate, filter, and order your models. This is valid for both regression and classification models. Objective Weights: submitting a specific weight for each class in classification models. Automatic Balancing: setting the balance argument to true to let BigML automatically balance all the classes evenly.

Let's see each method in more detail. We can use it as an input to create a model that will use to weight each instance accordingly. In this case, fraudulent transactions will weigh 10 times more than valid transactions in the model building computations. You can just use one of the rows and add the corresponding count as a weight field.

This will reduce the size of your sources enormously. Objective Weights The second method for adding weights only applies to classification models. Each instance will be weighted according to its class weight. This means the example below is equivalent to the example above.

If every weight does end up zero (this is possible with sampled datasets), then the resulting model will have a single node with a nil output. Each instance will be weighted individually according to the weight field's value. Confidence, importance, and pruning calculations also take weights into account. You can create an ensemble just as you would create a model with the following three basic machine learning techniques: bagging, random decision forests, and gradient tree boosting.

dehler 31 review

Bagging, also known as bootstrap aggregating, is one of the simplest ensemble-based strategies but often outperforms strategies that are more complex. The basic idea is to use a different random subset of the original dataset for each model in the ensemble.

You can read more about bagging here. Random decision forests is the second ensemble-based strategy that BigML provides. It consists, essentially, in selecting a new random set of the input fields at each split while an individual model is being built instead of considering all the input fields.

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